• Quantum Simulators

    Quantum Simulators are highly controllable quantum mechanical systems that can be used to model the properties of other very complex systems. For example, using gases of atoms or molecules in optical lattices at ultracold temperatures, we can learn about fundamental physics associated, e.g., with high-temperature superconductors and other exotic materials.

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    Many-body dynamics

    Recently developed numerical techniques and advances in high performance computing give us the possibility to study out-of-equilibrium dynamics in complex many-body systems, with implications for fundamental understanding of quantum systems.

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    Quantum Computing

    Precise control over single atoms/molecules/photons or solid state devices opens the opportunity to store and process information using the unusual properties of quantum-mechanical systems. This could lead to significant speedups for mathematical problems that are still too complex to solve on classical computers.

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  • Examples of our work

    • (06/14) Many-body dynamics observed in quantum tunnelling
    • (09/13) Entanglement in ion chain quench dynamics studied
    • (07/12) Scheme for measurement of many-body entanglement
    • (05/12) Realisation of a Metastable Mott Insulator

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